THE Expo 2023

This Year's Speakers


Michael Barakey

Chief of Suffolk (VA) Fire & Rescue

MICHAEL J. BARAKEY, CFO, is a 30-year fire service veteran and the chief of Suffolk (VA) Fire & Rescue. He is also a hazmat specialist; an instructor III; a nationally registered paramedic; and a neonatal/pediatric critical care paramedic for the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia. Barakey is the participating agency chief and task force leader for VA-TF2 US&R team and an exercise design/controller for Spec Rescue International. He has a master’s degree in public administration from Old Dominion University and graduated the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program in 2009. Barakey authored Critical Decision Making: Point-To-Point Leadership in Fire and Emergency Services through Fire Engineering Books and Videos, regularly contributes to Fire Engineering, and is an FDIC International preconference and classroom instructor.

Amy Krupa


Level I Trauma Center

Dr. Ashley Fox


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Bob Page


David Sanko

EMS Manager

Derek Fuller


Gene McDaniel

Ret. Captain

Dr. Joe Lang

Program Director

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Jacqueline Raymond


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Jeremy Johns


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Kate Schulz

Pediatric Trauma Q.C.

Katherine Contreras


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Kathryn Funk


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Marybeth Henry

EMT Instructor

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Elizabeth Beatty

Brigade Chief

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Melissa Padulsky

EMT Coordinator

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Mindy Seigh

VAD Coordinator

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Pat Copeland

Volunteer Rescue Chief

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Ryan Martin

Critical Care Nurse

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Stephanie Crosby

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

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Terence Sheehy

Deputy Chief of Operations

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Travis Karicofe

Chief EMS Officer

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Gini Simmons

Consultant & Trainer

Living Active Dementia
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Ron Passmore

Regulation & Compliance

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Katherine West


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Michael Berg

Program Manager

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Sam Burnette

Emergency Services Coordinator

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Rick Binder


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Nicole Miller

Operations Manager

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